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Time Management Coaching

What you'll be learning in your monthly coaching.

Productive vs Unproductive

  • Discover the signs of Productivity around you
  • What are some warning signs to look for?
  • How can productivity impact on your business and what can you avoid
  • Uncover where your productivity leaks are in your environment.

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Procrastination Buster

  • Discover the hidden cause of your procrastination and how to stop it.
  • Uncover a surprisingly simple system to take instant action on your goals
  • Unmask your hidden strengths and how to tap into them

What is your Time Management Style?

  • Gain insight into what are your hidden strengths & weaknesses
  • Learn how to work with your colleagues, clients, contractors and family around their time manage style.

How to Easily Get Things Organised

  • Learn an amazing simple system to engineer your organisation
  • Create a simple system to streamline every aspect of your life
  • Learn how to automate your processes
  • Discover how to easily find a time and place for everything!
  • Free your mind with a complete brain dump
  • Learn how to strategically schedule

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How to Conquer Your Email and Supercharge Your Organisation

  • Gain back approximately 2 hours in your working day.
  • Automate your prioritisation of emails to focus on important people
  • Create your personal secretary through simple automated programming
  • Discover amazing prioritising tools you probably weren’t aware of
  • Learn new techniques to simplify your email process 

Equipped with Tools

  • Learn why your filing systems aren’t working
  • Pick from any number of physical “Lifehacks” for daily organisation
  • Learn how to control paper
  • Step by Step Instructions on how to use Evernote to be organised on the go.
  • How to stay on top of Social Media
  • Methods for delegation and automation

Simplify Your System for Success & Growth

  • Systemised for Success: Establishing which areas are worst, which areas are best
  • 4 Step System to quickly creating a skeleton structure
  • Knock out your first Procedure in record time.
  • Learn how to maintain and improve on your quality standards

Yes, I’d like to subscribe to fortnightly Time Management Coaching.