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Pre-Call Homework

Now is the time to stop pretending you have things under control.  You CAN fulfill on the promises you make to others. You CAN minimise stress and maximise time to make an impact on the world, to live your life with fulfilment and energy.

Please prepare the answers to the following questions ready for your call with Barbara Clifford.

1) What is your biggest out-take from this video?

2) In one sentence, what is the biggest change you need in your life right now to propel you towards your life’s purpose?

3) What is the biggest thing holding you back from achieving this purpose?

To the stressed and weary,

I am absolutely obsessed about order out of chaos, for making sense of things.  I’m passionate about helping busy women to take back control, to reduce their stress, maximise their time and live up to the promise they make to their work, clients, family but most importantly to themselves.

I have been working in stressful, time poor industries for over 20 years such as film, hospitality and marketing. I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed and criticised for not doing a job well.

Here are the No.1 problems that are impacting most busy female business executives and entrepreneurs right now:

– Badly managed emails are stealing 10 hours of your week (roughly 12 weeks per year).

– Someone else is beating YOUR drum to their style.  You’re not aware of your own style and how to harness your strengths and weaknesses.

– You’re buried in clutter, physical or digital and allowing it to steal away time.

-You don’t actually have a step-by-step plan or any system that even allows for success.

The solution is simple…, increase your zone of influence and master your own authenticity, your own systems and process. As a result, you will love your work, feel 100% congruent and will live and work with passion in your life again.

I have helped busy professional women all around Australia take back control of their day.

During this call, I will be working with you to create a 12-month plan. I am going to show you how to take back control of your day and transform the way that you live and work.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT a sales call. It is a free call in which I will work with you to build a 12 month plan for you to gain back a minimum of 10 hours per week.

Because of my money back guarantee I only invite 40% of women who I have this conversation with to consider joining my programme. I will only invite you to do so if I know that I can help you (I will not waste your time or your money if I can’t).

So, fear not… my goal is to give you as much value as I possibly can, whether we end up working together or not.

To prepare yourself for this call please watch the video above and complete the homework.

I am seriously looking forward to our conversation, I can’t wait to help you to live with more energy, passion and time.

With gratitude,

Why am I doing this?

Barbara Clifford The Time TamerMy vision and purpose is to empower Australian businesswomen and female entrepreneurs to feel passionate and re-energised to work in their genius zone.  To stop feeling like they are a fraud that has it all together and to feel like they can take control of the steering wheel again.

I offer these individual ‘workshop calls’ with me, because I passionately care about women that suffer in silence, doubting their abilities, but day after day, year after year, do whatever it takes to be the very best.

The problem is, eventually these women get burnt out, often work 24/7, or they aren’t able to effectively prioritise… and sometimes… they just don’t know how to assess their trouble areas or assert their needs to others.

I’ve been able to help hundreds of busy women, just like you, to immediately apply simple and proven strategies, and go from struggling each week, to gaining back 12 weeks of their year.