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Barbara Clifford The Time Tamer

I was once ashamed to share with others an incident I experienced, an occasion (in public) where I burst into tears, at my wit’s end, having been humiliated after not being able to control my children in the supermarket. It was the tipping point. Managing my family, the finances, the household, my start-up business, my high pressured professional career, my social life and my well-being, I hit my limit.

I felt that if I managed to limit these outbursts of stress, these stress storms, then I was technically not stressed.  However, many working women and working mothers operate at a constant level of controlled stress. There is now scientific evidence to show that this stress can contribute to long term physical issues such as cardio vascular disease, weight gain, dementia and more.

I realised that many of my clients were operating under this same kind of controlled stress.

I am a self-confessed stress addict. I am addicted to the rush of adrenalin and stimulation that stress provides but living in this state constantly is not good for my health. 

I now help other women, just like me, to take control and to transform their stress into a source of power with proven practical tools and strategies that can be applied for immediate results. If you’d like to try out stress management coaching to see if it’s right for you, book in a complimentary session at a time that suits you (bottom right of this screen).

Barbara is a certified Stress Management Practitioner endorsed by the Stress Management Institute.

What Can You Expect From Stress Management Coaching?

  • This is NOT counseling, psychoanalysis or psychiatry, like a fitness instructor, a Stress Practitioner will keep you accountable and help you work towards your stress management goals.
  • Develop tools to shut off a busy mind.
  • Learn to implement any number of stress reducing tools that can be implemented at home, or your working life to reduce fatigue and irritability
  • Be able to identify what triggers stress and how to cope with it.
  • Create much calmer environments by learning how to control your mental and physical reactions
  • Feel a little more in control of your emotions in each moment so that you can improve your health and relationships
  • Regain your confidence and inner strength
  • Bring back the joy in your life.
  • Gain clarity around what’s really important to you and learn how value-conflicts not immediately obvious can be causing underlying stress for you.
  • Feel the weight of heavy burdens lift from your shoulders as you are able to let go of unhealthy stress.
  • Learn how some stress can actually be good for you

Who Should Receive Stress Management Coaching?

  • Working Mums trying to find the balance between work, home, and a personal life.
  • Professional People feeling time poor, overwhelmed and working in catch-up mode, all the time.
  • Anyone wanting to know how to be empowered by stress rather than debilitated by it.
  • Professionals who are feeling ‘burnt out’, or at a loss as to how to change their working environment.
  • Anyone who feels that their stress is causing them to be tired and irritable all the time.
  • Anyone that feels their stress is impacting on family, work or their personal life.
  • Anyone feeling guilt or shame around their stress or associated anger.
  • Anyone who suffers from a lack of energy or is feeling physical tension as a result of their stress.
  • Anyone who wants strategies to deal with ‘stress break-outs if they appear in their life
  • Parents worried about the stress that a busy student life is causing their children.

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