Realty Interests is an example of a simple site that I describe on my “Hire Me!” page.

Troy Plott simply wanted a site to promote his desire to invest in online businesses or physical businesses located in Texas, which is where he is located.  He has a lot of business experience and funds to invest in suitable businesses.

The site needed to be attractive, clear in its objective and provide information to outright sellers or people looking for investment partners.

While the site objective is singularly simple, the site still needed some substance so that it would be picked up by Google if people searched using targeted keywords, so it includes blog articles written by Troy over time.

There is no e-commerce component to the site but a contact form needed to be provided, but we needed to eliminate spammers and chancers.

I used Gravity forms to create a from to force a user to provide essential business and contact information, and also added the function to verify the email address before the form can be submitted.

At the back-end Troy can easily filter and sort through received forms to find the businesses that would be of interest.