The temptation to use full screen slider images to fill the most valuable real estate on a site is not always the best option.  In this case I was fully supportive of it. 

Graham Bradford needed a site  to advertise his holiday homes in exotic Tuscany (  He had found the Nation theme that was 70% suited to his requirements, but not totally. The theme was built with specific features coded into the theme PHP files and in my opinion not meant to be customized by anyone without PHP experience.

My first inclination was to redo the site completely in a more open theme, but Graham liked the 70% so I customized the theme to fill in the blanks. I also created custom post types so that Graham can easily modify key elements of the pages without going back to template files.

Interesting Features of the site include:

  • Online Booking Enquiries
  • Checking availability of the locations through ICS and iCal interfaces.
  • Use of Multiple WordPress Featured images per post/page. These are used in a rotating slider on the room pages.
  • The site is multilingual … English, Dutch, German and Italian