I don’t always get it right at first.  This was a three week fixed price project that turned into seven!

What at first appeared to be straight forward project, Metapack became a challenge.  I was asked to convert a custom PHP built site to a premium theme.  The customer chose Divi and gave me a a reference mockup from a designer.

Only some 18 pages needed to be developed and it is a multi-lingual implementation.

I made the mistake of copying the designer’s pages as a starting point.  However these pages contained inline CSS code for every element.  I even copied this to all instances of German, English and French before realizing that I now had custom inline CSS in 54 pages, each with about 100 lines of  CSS that needed changing or overruling for mobiles.

Additionally the pages linked to hundreds of other pages that did not display correctly in Divi.  These pages were intricately linked to the previous PHP theme and needed code that was no longer available. 

I had to quickly learn how to merge two themes and make them work together.  After restarting the project several times, I finally managed to do it all and now have a new set of skills under my belt.  Mia culpa on the time it took!