The Shawn Stevenson is the main site for the Model Health Show. It is hosted by Shawn Stevenson, one of America’s foremost nutritional specialists. It is a big site in many respects.


  • Thousands of tips on health and nutrition.
  • Hundreds of videos on various subjects of health and nutrition.
  • Hundreds of podcasts hosting celebrities and experts.
  • Posts on health foods, habits, exercise and weightloss.
  • Thousands of Facebook Likes and thousands of daily visitors.

Shawn is a dynamic speaker and a fantastic talk show host.

I got involved in the site a few years ago when the site aged with new WordPress and Thesis releases.

Some of the plugins and the Marketer’s Delight skin did not work with the newer releases of the core technologies, so I converted the Marketer’s Delight skin using ‘vanilla’ Thesis function.  The site is now fully maintainable and with almost no effort stays up to date.