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Free Quiz:

Assertive, Passive or Aggressive – which one are you?

By answering a series of questions, this quick quiz will help you to identify whether you are Assertive, Passive or Aggressive.  Which one is your strongest trait?

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Free Quiz:

What is your time management flaw?

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Yes, we should focus on our strengths, yet if we know our weak spot, we know what to work on or be mindful of.

Even if you’re amazing at time management, some areas will be stronger than others.

Regardless of where you are at with your time management, test yourself to see where your weak spot is.

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Free Productivity and Time Management Audit

From the Time Tamer

Answer these simple questions to rate where you are with your time management and Productivity.  You’ll be able to identify and flag problems areas to focus on and where you can best improve your skills.

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Free Quiz:

How Productive Are you?

So how productive are you?
Are you good with time management?
Are you in control of your working day?
Are you aware of any areas that you might need to improve?

Take this 5-minute fun quiz and you’ll quickly identify whether or not you’re

– Highly productive;

– Productive but could be better;

– Becoming stressed; or

– Overwhelmed.

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Free Download

A Stress Test to Download & Print

This very simple test measures major life events to determine how likely you are to experience a major illness based on your stress score.

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