Thousands of Kites from all corners of the earth, from way back traditions to modern day. 

The site appearance is deceptive as it initially hides incredible underlying function and a goldmine of information.

Drachen is a site for Kite enthusiasts from all over the world, who actively post and share their designs, artwork and experiences regularly.

Users upload material from front-end posting forms and it is displayed depending on criteria, such as country, material, type of kite, significance and more.

Search and filter functions allow a visitor to find specific entries among the many thousands of posts.

The site showcases kites, lessons, how-to articles, kite history, etc.  It is probably the most extensive and informative site in the world on the subject.  I am stunned by the large number of kite enthusiasts and the creative art on display, especially from China and Japan,

I converted the site from a Drupal implementation to WordPress and it proved to be quite a challenge to duplicate everything.  The plugin that came to the rescue is was Toolset Types.  I think I used nearly every feature of this extensive plugin along with some custom PHP to make the  site do everything with WordPress that Drupal did before.

With all this function the site performance is still lighting fast.