Want to know everything about effective direct mailing in the USA without getting bogged down in the many regulations? Cornerstone is your source for expert knowledge to make direct mailing result in meaningful customer actions. 

Direct mail predates email by decades and still it is often more effective than email marketing, especially since spam started cluttering our inboxes.  Cornerstone offers a total direct mail service from strategy to design and printing and connecting direct mail to digital marketing strategies.

Before I got involved the site suffered a serious hack and broke in a multiple ways.  SEO suffered and visitor rates plummeted.  Even after the site was restored visitor rates was down 75% from its previous low.

I did further trouble shooting and cleanup along with a full SEO audit and we soon saw Google re-ranking the site’s cornerstone content!

At the time of writing this post I am still in active discussions with the site owner to create more targeted and SEO optimized content.