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Consulting & Coaching

Time Tamer Project Management Services

Barbara Clifford can provide personalised Project Management consultancy services to help businesses or organisations to:

  • Improve Productivity.
  • Develop & Improve Induction Processes.
  • Assist with Policy & Procedure Development.
  • Marketing & Business Development.
  • Assess & review workplace communications or project outcomes (feasibility)
  • Organise and manage a variety of different events.

Workplace Professional Development

Following the 7 Step Productivity & Time Management System, Barbara provides workplace professional development training that can be customised to meet policy and workplace.

Barbara’s training includes a comphensive workbook packed with valuable instruction, practical activity and examples.

A brilliant facilitator and educator, Barbara’s training is interactive, allowing participants to contribute their ideas, address specific needs, and allow the group to learn from each other.  Barbara provides live physical demonstrations of tools and resources to help participants improve their productivity.

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Coaching - Productivity & Time Management

Get organised



Barbara works with individuals one to one, to address personalised coaching to improve workplace productivity & time management.  Implementing the 7 Step Time Management & Productivity System, Barbara troubleshoots specific issues.


Barbara’s methodology is 3 fold:


Ideal for Small Business Owners,  or within organisational departments, Barbara will  manage projects for the Business Owner or Project Team, freeing their time to attend to core business.  Projects can include,:

  • Setting up suitable database systems;
  • Streamlining digital or paper filing systems;
  • Creating email & marketing campaigns;
  • Design marketing & promotional material;
  • Write policy & procedure; or
  • Design & implement induction processes.


Barbara will hold your hand, taking you through training and the implementation of systems to help you improve your time management & productivity.  This can be delivered one-on-one or in workshop training.  Barbara can then provide electronic accountability forms in the days/weeks following to track improvement, monitor problems areas and provide strategic ongoing support.  (This can also work for Senior Management to see which areas require more support).  Additional coaching time will be made to ensures challenges and issues are addressed.  Remote access technology and personalised instruction videos can assist in this service delivery.  This training can include:

  • Methods to control email to manage projects & time;
  • Effective file management;
  • Mobile/Transportable office strategies with Evernote;
  • Time saving techniques in Word or Excel; or
  • Effective report presentation techniques.

Struggling with something?  Barbara creates custom instructional videos and documents to help you, step by step, improve your skill set in new technologies and systems to improve your productivity & time management. She can also create custom designed online training programs, manuals and handbooks to assist with Induction Processes or Professional Development.

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