Along with Switzerland, Japan is a global horology hub with a slew of well-known “Made In Japan” manufactures. According to the Japan Clock & Watch Association, Japan made 63.9 million watches in 2018 for both the domestic and international markets. Read on to discover our picks for the top 10 ...Read more

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Wtribe is a full function membership sites by Sarah W who is passionate about enhancing the lives of women. Sarah is dynamic, kind and a pleasure to work with. Wtribe is built on Divi.  I did not design it, but took over the maintenance a while back. Most of the ...Read more

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Drachen – Amazing Content

The site appearance is deceptive as it initially hides incredible underlying function and a goldmine of information. Drachen is a site for Kite enthusiasts from all over the world, and there are thousands. Users upload material from front-end posting forms and it is displayed depending on a myriad of criteria, ...Read more

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Podere Sant’Angelo

The modern trend to use full screen slider images to fill the most valuable real estate on a site is not always the best option.  In this case I was fully supportive of it.  Graham Bradford needed a site  to advertise his holiday homes in exotic Tuscany (  He had ...Read more

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