Henk1After 25 years at IBM South Africa in roles ranging from Systems Engineer to Executive for Complex Systems I retired and started focusing on freelance WordPress based web design and development.

I specialize in WordPress. I am highly experienced with the things that go with it, such as HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript (in the WordPress context) a broad range of plugins (I know the difference between the good and the bad ones).

I have worked with many themes, such as Thesis, Woothemes and the currently popular Themeforest themes with Visual Composer. These themes give one a quick start with a great look. I use Thesis often as it gives me total flexibility to build sites with unique designs and functions.

I also focus on the following as required:


For the past three years all my sites are moblie/responsive and pass the Google Mobile Friendliness tests.


I make sure that images are sized optimally and optimized through compression software. I further test sites on GTmetrix and implement all possible performance recommendations from that service.


I have an extensive set of licensed tools for both the Design and SEO work. This of course includes Photoshop.


I stay up to date with SEO requirements and make sure that On-Site SEO elements are all in place and fully “Google Compliant”.


I do what I can to make sure sites are secure. Importantly I make sure we have regular backups with off-site copies in Dropbox that clients can access as well.


Below is a list of sites as references. Each is very different and much depended on what the user wanted. They are almost all fully responsive.

My clients range from individuals who are serious about and reliant on their websites to businesses and community sites with large and more complex sites (not banking giants)

I believe my biggest strength lies in my responsiveness and focus on pleasing the client. You can verify this by contacting the clients through their sites or read their feedback on my profile.

I work mostly at night which makes me available to US clients until late evening East Coast time and am totally flexible for daytime Skype meetings..



East Street, East Town, Northcliff, Johannesburg