My name is Henk Jordaan, but I also respond to “Hank Jordan” :-)

I have spent almost all of my adult life in IT with the exception of an errant venture into wine farming that was lifestyle bliss but financially crippling.

I cut my computer teeth at IBM South Africa.  My 25 year career roles ranged from Systems Engineering to executive for Complex Systems.  After retirement and my wine farm adventure I reverted to what I knew better.  I  started freelancing in WordPress based web design and development.

After several years of specialization, I am highly experienced in WordPress and all that it entails, such as HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript, themes and plugins (I know the difference between the good and the bad ones).

I have worked with many themes, such as Divi, Astra, Avada, X-Theme, Flatsome among several more.

The general purpose themes such as these have come a long way to make sites unique, full of function and still provide great performance.

I also focus on all of the following:


All my sites are mobile/responsive and pass the Google Mobile Friendliness tests.


I make sure that images are sized optimally and optimized through compression software. I test sites on GTmetrix, Pingdom and Google Page Speed insights and implement all possible performance recommendations from these services.


I have an extensive set of licensed tools for both the Design and SEO work.


I do not easily offer SEO services because most clients expect too much from SEO but I probably know as much as any of the so-called SEO experts and I can advise with authority on the subject.  If you are in a unique niche, I am open to detailed discussion.


I take all reasonable care of site security and have been successful against almost all attacks on all my sites.  Importantly I make sure we have regular backups with off-site copies in Dropbox that clients can access as well. On the very rare occasion that a hacker found his or her way through my safeguards I have been able to recover fully within a day of the attack


You can view customer testimonials on the home page of this site.


My clients range from individuals who are serious about and reliant on their websites to businesses and community sites with large and more complex sites.  No, not banking giants, but occasionally I am tempted to venture into some ambitious fortune hunting project.

I believe my biggest strength lies in my responsiveness and focus on pleasing the client. You can verify this by contacting the clients through their sites or read their feedback on my profile.

Also on the home page, you will see a list of some of the more than 400 sites that I have built or had a hand in improving.

With clients from around the globe my working hours vary…. A LOT ! But I work mostly late in my day which makes me available to US clients until late evening East Coast time or early morning time for Australia clients. 

I am totally flexible for daytime Skype, Zoom or similar  meetings… 7 days a week!

I can only keep to such a schedule thanks to my darling sister who does all the heavy lifting when it comes to raising my teenager son. Do the math, but do not ask! :-)



East Town, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Updated April 2023