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Where did the idea come from?

Like many women, I an active participant in Facebook groups that support and encourage women. So often, I would see women call out for tips or advice on what they can do to improve their time management. I decided to compile a useful list of ideas from women from all around Australia. I asked women in all the different Facebook groups to share their tips on what they had found useful, to save their time.

The response was overwhelming.

Each post would have numerous comments, women sharing tips that had made a di*erence in their lives. Others sharing their gratitude for the inspiring knowledge that women were sharing. Although these tips and tricks may be just small changes in the usual routine, for some they have been stress relieving and life-changing.

These time-saving tips have come from busy women, just like you.

The book is available in either PDF format or .mobi for kindle.

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Discover some sanity-saving strategies for:

  • Getting ready in the morning;

  • Meal preparation;

  • Managing your wardrobe and laundry;

  • Organising your business or office; and

  • Staying sane in the school holidays.

This is what others have said about the different tips coming from the Facebook threads:

“This is a great idea. Lots already I’ll try!” – K. Parker

“So many clever time-saving strategies.” – S. OConnor

“This thread is such a fun read!”- M. Russell

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