Thanks for Subscribing to Stress Management Coaching

/Thanks for Subscribing to Stress Management Coaching
Thanks for Subscribing to Stress Management Coaching2015-12-15T22:20:52+00:00

Well done for taking the steps towards reducing your stress and increasing your calm.

Here are some important things you need to remember about your coaching:

  • You will have an allocated half hour call each week with your coach.  It is up to you to ring at that agreed time. Please do not ring earlier or later than this time as you may well be eating into another client’s time.
  • You must provide no less than 5 hours notice to reschedule your appointed time.  You will not be credited if you forget. It’s up to you to keep your appointment or to reschedule.
  • The coaching is designed to extend 12 months or more, however, you can end at any time.  Although your subscription fee is monthly, the service is provided weekly.  There will be 4 times throughout the year where you will squeeze in 5 sessions into the month, instead of 4. There is no extra charge for this. However, there will be 2 weeks in December and 2 weeks in January when coaching will not be provided.  The monthly fee will still be payable.
  • Just a reminder, this is stress management coaching is NOT counselling, psychology, psychoanalysis, financial coaching or marriage counselling.  If at any time your coach feels that you would be better served by these services they may end or put on hold your coaching services.