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At one point in my career, I found myself managing a high pressured position, essentially the work of three people, while also managing a part time business, the household budget, and the family calendar. I was stressed, overwhelmed and desperately needed to become a master of prioritisation. I felt like a heart attack waiting to happen.

It was at this time I became acutely aware of how passionate I was to find solutions for making prioritsation easier and how I could prevent procrastination.

I just LOVE making things simple and finding solutions for complex problems. I thought everyone was like this, however, I found that people would constantly seek me out for solutions or head hunt me for positions as I had a passion, a gift for creating order out of chaos.

Quite simply, I love to get things organised. 

I’ve tried and tested a variety of tools and systems. I watched hundreds of videos and invested thousands of dollars into training to feed my thirst for knowledge on methods of productivity. I’ve done the hard work for you!

I specialise in working with busy women customising a coaching plan that can implement some or all of my Four Focus Time Mastery System ™ to troubleshoot specific issues.

The Time Tamer methodology is 3 fold:


Ideal for Small Business Owners or Entrepreneurs, I will manage projects for your business, freeing your time to attend to core business.  Let’s face it, not everyone likes things like databases, procedures, marketing campaigns, social media management or digital marketing. Let me at it because I just LOVE it. Projects can include:

– Setting up suitable database systems;
– Streamlining digital or paper filing systems;
– Creating email & marketing campaigns;
– Design marketing & promotional material;
– Write policy & procedure; or
– Design & implement induction processes.


Don’t worry, I will hold your hand, taking you through training and the implementation of systems to help you improve your time management & productivity.  Using screen sharing technology, instructional videos and resources, you will be gently guided through a process of learning and implement. Forget about 1-day workshops with crash course learning and take away workbooks. I will work with you, with short weekly coaching sessions, action steps, and accountability until you get this, until we find tangible solutions to your organisational problems.  You’ll also get access to the private Facebook group “Secret Wisdom of Time Tamers” and receive weekly motivational emails to keep you going. An example of your training and coaching can include:

– Email Management Systems (giving you back approximately 10 hours per week);
– Effective file or data  management to save storage space or  to work with others;
– Capture everything and being able to find it in an instant with Evernote;
– Time-saving techniques in Word or Excel;
– Understand why you procrastinate and how to stop it,
– How to easily and efficiently prioritise everything; or
– Advice and support to implement innovative digital tools to automate your business activity.


Struggling with something?  Don’t worry, I often create custom instructional videos, templates, manuals and documents to help you, step by step, that you can use in-between our coaching session.  improve your skill set in new technologies and systems to improve your productivity & time management.