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Bronze’s Back: Delmas new Shell Star Bronze Diver L.E.



Montredo Montredo is multilingual eCommerce site that sells and ships high end luxury watches, from Tag to Rolex and many more. If ever one needs proof that eCommerce is succeeding against physical high street stores this site is a prime example.  People spend thousands of Euros per watch online and […]


Along with Switzerland, Japan is a global horology hub with a slew of well-known “Made In Japan” manufactures. According to the Japan Clock & Watch Association, Japan made 63.9 million watches in 2018 for both the domestic and international markets. Read on to discover our picks for the top 10 […]


Wtribe is a full function membership sites by Sarah W who is passionate about enhancing the lives of women. Sarah is dynamic, kind and a pleasure to work with. Wtribe is built on Divi.  I did not design it, but took over the maintenance a while back. Most of the […]

Metapack – A Learning Curve

I don’t always get it right at first.  This was a three week fixed price project that turned into seven! What at first appeared to be straight forward project, Metapack became a challenge.  I was asked to convert a custom PHP built site to a premium theme.  The customer chose […]

Wendy Mak

Wendy is a fabulous fashion and style consultant.  The site was designed by Leanne Bully and my challenge was to make it pixel perfect and override default styling for Mailchimp signup forms and to make other elements overlap exactly as per the design for all browsers and all mobiles.

Drachen – Amazing Content

The site appearance is deceptive as it initially hides incredible underlying function and a goldmine of information. Drachen is a site for Kite enthusiasts from all over the world, and there are thousands. Users upload material from front-end posting forms and it is displayed depending on a myriad of criteria, […]

A Taste of Paradise

Lake Wenatchee is a natural dreamworld in the Lake Wenatchee Forest on the eastern slopes of the Cascades in Leavenworth, Washington State. It has a very active community of some 600 full and part time residents. Summer and Winter activities for all occasions attract visitors all year. The site is […]

Podere Sant’Angelo

The modern trend to use full screen slider images to fill the most valuable real estate on a site is not always the best option.  In this case I was fully supportive of it.  Graham Bradford needed a site  to advertise his holiday homes in exotic Tuscany (  He had […]

Carol Read

This is another example of a unique site where the landing view tells you exactly where you are and what the person and the site is about.  To me it is the essence of hooking the visitor at first sight.  Carol Read is a publisher, teacher and an engaging speaker. […]

Collectika – Retro Furniture

Collectika is one of my favourite sites.  It is an SEO success getting over 3000 visitors and 30,000 page views per month.  It is a stunning example of flat design with longevity.  Like its products, the site design will stay striking despite fashion changes.  I built the site from the […]