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3 Guided Meditations to Help Reduce Workplace Stress

Do you find that there are pockets in your day that erupt into stress storms?  Allowing these stress triggers to impact on you can

  • reduce your productivity
  • diminish your professionalism
  • adversely affect your health
  • impact on your personal life.

By downloading these 5 minute meditations, you can use these quick tools manage your stress.  You’ll be able to;

  • detach from negative people
  • release yourself from workplace stress
  • clear your mind
  • create clearer focus at work
  • be present with family & friends.

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If you feel that you are being affected by the negativity around you and storing up your stresses inside you, this guided mediation will allow you to physically release and detach from the stress or negativity.  This is ideal for those that deal with difficult people, difficult work environments or unpleasant situations.

If you feel that you are storing up your stresses inside you, this guided mediation will assist you to physically release and detach from the stress.  A good meditation to unwind at the end of the day, allowing you to go home with a clean mental slate.

The foundation of all good meditations is Breath.  This simple yet effective meditation will teach you how to apply this this simple technique.  Once you’ve learnt it, you’ll be able to practice it anywhere, anytime.  A great asset to your stress management tool kit.

Yes, I’d like to download these three amazing guided meditations to listen to and assist me to reduce the stress in my working environment.