Checklist for Stress Management Strategies to Try

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How do you feel about stress?

Sometimes we can feel stressed about being stressed at being stressed.

Everyone has an opinion about what we should try or do to manage our stress and that in itself can be overwhelming.  And stress can affect our memory, so while we might think something is a good idea that we might like to try at some stage, we simply forget.

So here’s a checklist. A beautiful variety of stress tools you can try. Tick the ones you’ve tried, circle the ones you’d like to try but stick it on the fridge or pin-up board to remind you each day to consider options that might work for.

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What other’s have said about Barbara’s stress management strategies.

“I started having stress and time management coaching sessions with Barbara after I had become unhappy and stressed as a stay-at-home single parent and had spent two years trying to start self-employment opportunities without success. Barbara helped me develop a vision statement, feel more confident about myself and my abilities and provided me with useful goal setting techniques, useful websites for managing time and meditations to find more calm. Thanks to Barbara my decisions are more focused and align with my vision statement, I am meditating regularly and I am confident in my abilities to re-enter the workforce again.” – Tiffiny Beamish

Thank you for your wise guidance, encouragement, advice and help. I was knocked flat but you enabled me to stand up, work things out and take back control. You gave me courage to step out of my comfort zone, to dare to dream, to do something different, to take the risk and do what I wanted to do, not just what I felt I had to do. I know that if I fall over, you are there to encourage me to pick myself up, work through it and keep going.  You have made a huge wonderful difference to my life and because of you I am more confident and in control. Thank you so very, very much.
P, Alice Springs, NT

Melilnda RennerBarbara was able to assess my workload and my workspace. She has helped me put systems and tools in place both physically, digitally, mentally and emotionally. I now have ‘me time’ and ‘kids play time’ scheduled into my calendar. Mindy Renner, Small Business Owner