Sample Project

A Taste of Paradise

Lake Wenatchee is a natural dreamworld in the Lake Wenatchee Forest on the eastern slopes of the Cascades in Leavenworth, Washington State. It has a […] Read More

Podere Sant’Angelo

The 2015/16 trend to use full screen slider images to fill the most valuable real estate on a site is not always the best oprion.  […] Read More

Carol Read

This is another example of a unique site where the landing view tells you exactly where you are and what the person and the site […] Read More

Collectika – Retro Furniture

Collectika is one of my favourite sites.  It is an SEO success getting over 3000 visitors and 30,000 page views per month.  It is a […] Read More

Tasteful adult membership

I have worked with Michele Lisenbury Christenson for  several years to get to the current version of her site.  She is a business and personal […] Read More

MaWSIG in the IATEFL Group

The IATEFL group consists of a network of Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) for English Teaching. It is a very active organisation with enthusiastic members sharing […] Read More

Sliders with a lot of information   is a venture capital firm in Seattle.  The professionally designed slider tells what the site and the firm is about without taking up all […] Read More

Simple can be very effective

I like this site for its effective simplicity.  When you land on the home page you instantly know who, what and where and it promises […] Read More


Typography is as old as the printing industry. The printing industry started developing typography into an art and a science to make text have optimal […] Read More